Saturday, May 2, 2009

LD 1424 - Quick Info

LD 1424 - Quick Info

Top Ten Questions

1. Will the citizens get to vote on this issue?
Yes. When? November 2010.

2. If the vote is approved, when will the first Unicameral Legislature be seated?
In December, after the 2014 elections.

3. How many proposed members of a Unicameral Legislature?

4. Will there still be two members representing the Tribes and Nations?

5. What will the Legislators be called?

6. How many constituents will the new Senators have?
About 12, 400.

7. Will re-districting have to take place?

8. Will it cost additional money to re-district for a unicameral?
No. Maine is scheduled to conduct a re-districting based on the 2010 census. Therefore, Maine has already budgeted for re-districting to take place. This will happen with or without the unicameral bill being passed.

9. Will Legislators still serve two-year terms? Yes. Will they still be subject to term limits?
Term limits are not addressed in the Maine Constitution. Term limits are set by statute. LD 1424 only addresses constitutional items, therefore, does not alter term limits.

10. What is the estimated cost savings of a unicameral in Maine?
$15 million over a two-year budget.

Please see additional handouts for in-depth answers to above questions and many more items.


Anonymous said...

$15 million in savings.
If passed, would the next biennial budget be $15 million less than the previous one? Haha.

Rep. Linda Valentino said...

Dear Anonymous,

We're in a term of economic crisis, where we must make cuts -- even if you $15 million laughable -- any where we can.

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